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glenn funk

Monkey Tamer

A graduate of graphic design at Sheridan College in Ontario, Glenn has a long and storied history in prepress, digital and print production. Them's more than fancy words. His skills span 20-plus years of working against the clock to design and deliver electronic files that print right the first time.

When it comes to either the Mac or PC, there isn't much he hasn't seen or done, making him eminently qualified to be our Monkey Tamer and production chief extraordinaire.

With the ongoing sophistication of printing processes and the sea change toward digital media now pretty much complete, our core business has increasingly migrated toward communication in electronic form. Glenn still spec's a mighty fine file, and there aren't many better at technical support. But his key role today is engineering our custom-built web solutions. Watching him work always reminds me of the Matrix: the casual observer sees only a sea of code. Glenn sees the final completed picture.

With so much of daily life running on deadlines and technical issues, there's always the prospect of last minute things going wrong, and this is why we love Glenn. When the monkeys get hold of the matches, he's a master at getting them under control.

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