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Cover-Wit Will & Angels

So it turns out my mother is a writer too.

She's authored a geniune page-turner of an autobiography about her life, and Crunch! has published this work. You can read more about this project here...

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muses and bruises

The Whole Nine Yards

This is where I get to write about almost anything I want, when I want; our CMS makes it pretty easy.

This gives me a false sense of great power. False, because the power is not really that great. But great nonetheless, because the power is mine, and I can exercise it any time I feel inspired or inclined. Technology affords both the opportunity and the ability to communicate.

It comes back to having control over your content, your environment, your brand; whenever and wherever you need it. Without having to wait for someone else to do it for you.

Like any living project, this website, this message, our own Crunch! brand personality is evolving. Perhaps not as often as we'd like, but things do change. Between paying gigs and the notion of intervention (which I've written about elsewhere on this site), we are all left with the challenge of recreating ourselves every day as best we can.

And this point of recreation is where the message is set free; where we are unencumbered by any restriction of technology; where we can take the time, if we choose, to say what we really mean.

The immediacy of communication is part of its beauty.

The important thing to remember is that communication doesn't have to be fancy. Or complicated. It just has to be effective. And once the tools for communication are in place, that's when you get to focus on what you really want to say.

Whether the things a person says have value or not is always for others to decide. That's the risk, and that's the game. That's the enchilada you're playing for when you put yourself out there. And therein lies the fun.

When you're a writer writing about yourself, or a web developer putting yourself out there, there is only one rule.

Be simple. Be clear.

OK, that's two rules.

I hope you enjoy the written word in this section of our site. Please remember that everything you read anywhere on this website is copyrighted. If you want permission to reproduce anything you find here in any form whatsoever, please be sure to ask first.

garrett klassen



The expression
"the whole nine yards" 
comes from the
amount of fabric
used in a
Scottish kilt.


For the record,
I admit it: I did

eventually break
and set up a
Facebook page.
But there are a bunch
of other guys out there
with the same name
as me. I am
not them.


And while we're on
the topic of who's not who,
that's not actually
a picture of me up there.
It's just some guy...

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