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Over the top under the wire

Crunch! Inc. Communications is an integrated communications marketing company specializing in retail, business-to-business, tourism and employee communications. Our senior people give their personal attention to each and every client, so you always deal directly with the talent that works on your job.

We're not a traditional advertising agency, even though we create advertising. We're not a traditional video production company, although we do produce videos, meetings and entire events. Our strength is using the right media to deliver a niche communications service based on:

  • the broad, interdisciplinary backgrounds of our team members,
  • our strict attention to detail, quality and customer service on every project, and
  • our ability to be flexible and responsive to ever-changing client needs.


We generally believe that every communications or marketing objective is driven by Operations.

The process of communicating with any audience needs the support and understanding of the front line, and the success of an advertising or marketing campaign, brochure or video invariably depends on the people, the culture and the infrastructure in place to support it. And that goes straight to the front line.

This means that coming up with great creative isn’t enough. Of course the design has to be good. The copy has to sparkle. The execution has to cut through the clutter.

But for us, the first question generally is “Why?” Because this answer, more than any other, will determine the most appropriate tools, and the specific order in which to use them.

Our philosophy means we always put content before form; the message before the medium. It means we strive to understand the operational need before we focus on the marketing solution.

We are prepared to make the commitment to own your objectives. That’s what we mean when we talk about a “partnership of effort”. It is the principle that forms our mission. It is a pursuit we believe has value, and it is a value we are prepared to share with you every day.


Our mission is to create
an environment built
on a partnership of effort,
where honour and intent
are always more important
than the fine print.

How we think

Great creative is important,
but we put content before form;
the message before the medium.

How we work

Flexibility is not the same
as compromise.
Our commitment is to own
your objective. We go beyond
what is asked, and do
what is needed.

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