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Cover-Wit Will & Angels

So it turns out my mother is a writer too.

She's authored a geniune page-turner of an autobiography about her life, and Crunch! has published this work. You can read more about this project here...

Other stories

The Editorial Voice

One of the really fun things I got to do not long ago was write a regular op-ed piece for the local TorStar newspaper in Guelph, called the Mercury.

The good news is I didn't get sued. Tarring and feathering was also mostly avoided (not counting the Canadian Legion and Canada Post). I like to believe this is because I didn't say things that made people angry enough to stalk me most of the time—which is much better than the more depressing notion that they didn't really care. A few nasty letters and supportive phone calls went a long way to make it all worthwhile.

If you press on by reading the links on this page, you can decide for yourself.

Some of the best stories happen right in our local communities, and sometimes they touch a lot of lives—usually as a result of the stupidity of others. I realize that stupidity is a relative, and subjective, term. But really... haven't we all seen enough of it to know what stupidity really looks like?

That's the kind of thing I loved to write about.

The whole gig with the Merc paid the princely sum of $25 per article... my latest get rich slow scheme. In the end, I gave the money to a local charity. And the best part of that story is, that under Canadian law, I don't even get to deduct the full donation, dollar-for-dollar. Even though it only passed through my hands, and even though I derived no financial benefit on account of sending the money directly on to a registered charity, I am still obliged to pay income tax on a portion of the amount. Who says it doesn't pay to be a writer? Hee-ha!

That's a story for another time. I keep a file. It's pretty thick.

If you're still with me, I hope you have as much fun reading this section as I had writing it.



For the record,
I admit it: I did

eventually break
and set up a
Facebook page.
But there are a bunch
of other guys out there
with the same name
as me. I am
not them.


And while we're on
the topic of who's not who,
that's not actually
a picture of me up there.
It's just some guy...

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