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talking to your people

Who Controls your Brand?
Well, it's the people who get the paycheck with your logo on it, that's who.

In general, we tend to put employees at the top of the communications food chain. Why? Because when it comes to major initiatives or organizational change, there needs to be a clear and meaningful understanding on the front line. Your people are your brand. So the effort to communicate your brand to the customer needs to be aligned throughout the organization, and that almost always means a communications focus not just on marketing, but on Operations and HR. Here's what we do:

  • Internal communications process & programs
  • Changing corporate culture and goals
  • Executive messaging
  • Employee orientation
  • Product knowledge
  • Program launches
  • Employee feedback and engagement
  • Opinion surveys


Our mission is to create
an environment built
on a partnership of effort,
where honour and intent
are always more important
than the fine print.

How we think

Great creative is important,
but we put content before form;
the message before the medium.

How we work

Flexibility is not the same
as compromise.
Our commitment is to own
your objective. We go beyond
what is asked, and do
what is needed.

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