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 Taking Control of your Brand Online

The internet is evolving, and yesterday's evolution is quickly becoming a thing of the past. You want a fast and easy way to update your own web presence, without necessarily needing to understand programming languages, or relying on an outside webmaster. No one has time to wait or waste. In the on-line world, the Magic Word is now!

Instant Gratification: it's a wonderful thing

We've developed a variety of content management solutions, each with a complete database-driven back end, where our clients can log in, update their own news items, services, pictures and outside links. Even menus are dynamic, so if you're suddenly struck by the need for a new category or service, and you want to visualize it online with your ideas and pictures right now, you can.

This presumes, of course, that you know what it is you want to say.

And when you have an idea but you're not quite sure how to put it into words, we can help with that. We were writers long before we became graphic designers and web content developers.

When the needs are specific and complex, we purpose-build to specifications. An example of this is the "File Vault" we developed for a music publishing company that lets them pitch and demo song lists to potential users, as well as to receive, share and distribute audio files from their stable of song writers. Another example is an accommodation availability system we have developed for the tourism industry.

Our Content Management software offers full functionality, customization, control and flexibility for pretty much any web app you can imagine.

It's not complicated, and it's not mysterious

Despite what some developers might have you believe, creating an effective website isn't a big mystery, and it doesn't need to cost a small fortune. Give us a call; we'll listen to what you need, and demonstrate how it works.


Our mission is to create
an environment built
on a partnership of effort,
where honour and intent
are always more important
than the fine print.

How we think

Great creative is important,
but we put content before form;
the message before the medium.

How we work

Flexibility is not the same
as compromise.
Our commitment is to own
your objective. We go beyond
what is asked, and do
what is needed.

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